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"The Art of Drill" LLC
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Greetings! Welcome to the Nation of “The Art of Drill”. We want to thank you in advance for your continued support! Our program “The Art of Drill”, is a comprehensive Art’s in Education, not for profit after school activity. While many good programs have objectives similar to those of “The Art of Drill”, the mission is designed to foster development in family responsibility, leadership, moral courage, and integrity within youth. We utilize school, family, community, along with our personal expertise to build children. Young males and females ranging in ages from 7-14 years old are the target group serviced. Our moto “One Band One Sound” teaches teamwork, unity, and responsibility. “The Art of Drill” consists of military drill, stepping, contemporary dance, marching drum line, and academic support. We offer academic support in basic language, mathematics, etiquette, health and nutrition, physical fitness, mentorship, conflict resolution, and most importantly self discipline. Each individual driller/drummer is held accountable for his or her own actions. While instilling the factor of self discipline, the children develop work habits conducive to being productive good citizens. The areas of training afore mentioned are delivered in a systemic mathematical rhythmic sequence during repetitive practices. We also extend our services before and after hours because “The Art of Drill” is based on Life Skills training. To date we have successfully maintained an 80% Honor Roll student participation rate. Our program has been in existence since the Winter of 2000 and has blossomed. So thus far we can boast of an active roster of over 100 students, combining the different sites we service. Some of the sites utilizing our program over the years include: Sarah J. Rawson Elementary, Kelvin D. Anderson Center (Young Cadet Academy), Hartford Youth Empowerment, Mark Twain Elementary (The Creative You), Clark St. School (The Creative You), Parkville Multi Cultural School, Boys and Girls Club of America (Asylum Hill Branch), Sankofa Kuumba Consortium, and Thelma E. Dickerson’s Jumoke Academy. We look forward to your sponsorship and input to help further the efforts of “The Art of Drill” program. Again, thank you in advance for your continued support.